Punjabi University, Patiala is a multi-faculty institution of higher education in India dedicated to the all-round promotion of Punjabi Language, Literature and Culture. It is the first University in the world to introduce Gurmat Sangeet as an independent subject for higher research and teaching in the Faculty of Arts & Culture with the purpose of creating awareness and spread the knowledge and essence of Sikh Sacred Music amongst people of diverse cultures.
        To achieve this objective, the University has initiated a comprehensive Gurmat Sangeet Project by establishing Gurmat Sangeet Chair in 2003 and Department of
Gurmat Sangeet in 2005 for the promotion, propagation and preservation of Gurmat Sangeet as a school of music.
        In the contemporary times, Punjabi University has proudly earned the name of being the primer institution for the research and teaching in Gurmat Sangeet. Various under-graduate and post-graduate courses are being pursued on campus regularly as well as through distance education. 15 researchers are pursuing their doctorate level research in this field. In this direction, the global fraternity always encourages us to start online teaching of Gurmukhi, Gurmat Studies and Gurmat Sangeet. To fulfill the long awaited desire and requirement of Punjabi community residing all over the world, Punjabi University has humbly initiated Gurmat Gyan Online Teaching Program.
        The objective of Gurmat Gyan Online Teaching Program is to provide a medium to the children and adults for learning Gurmukhi, Gurmat Studies, Sikh String Instruments, Percussion Instruments (Jorhi/Tabla) and Shabad Keertan tradition of Gurmat Sangeet as enshrined in the holy Sri Guru Granth Sahib, with the explicit intent of preserving the rich heritage. This program is completely online with e-Content program prepared by University faculty and renowned scholars, musicians followed by effective online mutual sharing of theoretical as well as practical knowledge. We have tried to provide an academic base in the form of an online library

which is well equipped with the digitization of Gurmat Sangeet Literature in the form of various books, research papers, articles, periodicals, thesis, dissertations etc. on our website www.gurmatsangeetlibrary.com. In addition to this, we have also proudly provided a rich heritage of classical music, Punjabi folk music, sufi music and Gurmat Sangeet of more than 2200 hrs. of audio-visual recording on our website www.gurmatsangeetpup.com which will definitely help all the associates. This is an effort to provide strength and support to all the institutions engaged in the promotion of Sikh music, art, culture, history and literature.
We request all keen learners to participate in Gurmat Gyan Online Teaching Program and register your institution with Punjabi University.